The one-time host of Sonya Live on CNN, Dr. Sonya Friedman has received numerous accolades as a broadcaster and psychologist. For more than a decade, she provided her insights to ABC Talk Radio and the ABC Evening News. Additionally, Dr. Friedman wrote columns for the Detroit Free Press and Ladies’ Home Journal. In recognition of her accomplishments, she earned induction into the Michigan Speakers Hall of Fame, garnered an American Women of Distinction Award from the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, and was named an Honorary Fellow by the Media Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association.

The recipient of a Master of Education in Psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from Wayne State University, Dr. Sonya Friedman continued her education with post-doctoral courses at the California Family Study Center. In addition to serving as a Certified Marriage Counselor and a Private Practice Psychologist, she has written several books, including; Men Are Just Desserts, On a Clear Day You Can See Yourself, and Smart Cookies Don’t Crumble.

About the Author: Based in New York City, Dr. Reed Moskowitz utilizes his Doctor of Medicine from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and his experiences as a former psychiatrist to function as a life coach. Asked to comment on various issues for local and national news, Dr. Moskowitz appeared on Sonya Live.


As the name suggests, life coaches coach people on multiple elements of their lives. Many who carry this title have experience in organizational and developmental psychology, managerial executive training, business coaching, and similar areas. While life coaches do not function as mental health professionals, they can supplement what those practitioners do. More akin to mentors than doctors, life coaches provide advice, guidance, support, and inspiration to their customers. By teaching clients how to manage their time and resources, as well as providing methods to better envision what they want to achieve, these professionals give their customers the tools to reach their personal and professional goals.

About the Author:

A graduate of Columbia University, Dr. Reed Moskowitz is a life coach based in New York City. A member of the American Psychiatric Association, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and the Society of Practitioners, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Dr. Moskowitz has appeared on numerous television shows to discuss mental health and life coaching.